We have seen significant positive changes since we first put our PBS policy into practice:

  • Improvements to wellbeing evidenced for 85% of a sample of people with behaviours of concern
  • 100% of staff asked during service reviews could describe something non-restrictive they would do first during a crisis
  • Injuries to people supported (such as housemates) resulting from behaviours of concern have reduced by 54%
  • Use of holds has reduced by 93% and removals or escorts by 39%

Our PBS policy was written with input from a group of young people who are supported by one of our further education services and with support from the British Institute for Learning Disabilities (BILD) Centre for the Advancement of PBS (CAPBS). Continued involvement of people affected by behaviours of concern and external specialists at an individual, local and organisational level are key priorities in the PBS policy and our Corporate Strategy.

All MacIntyre staff are trained to understand our PBS Policy ensuring that we implement PBS proactively with all people we support, rather than waiting for behaviour of concern issues to occur.

PBS Coaches

We have successfully introduced PBS Coaches within all operational teams of MacIntyre, including two fulltime Lead PBS Coaches. Our Lead PBS Coaches have taken a leading role in the implementation of our PBS policy and Action Plan by supporting the development of our team of PBS Coaches. Coaches may be based in one service, or may support a number of teams in their local area through:

  • Training and mentoring
  • Co-ordination of functional analysis to understand the meaning behind a person’s behaviours of concern
  • PBS planning for individuals and supporting reductions in the use of practices which restrict people’s freedom and human rights

Sector endorsement and best practice

Our PBS approach has been recognised as sector-leading in recent BILD Leadership awards; members of our staff team and the people we support were Highly Commended in the Innovative Practice and Outstanding Practice categories.

MacIntyre is also part of the BILD CAPBS Network which further supports the learning, knowledge and expertise in the field and we have worked in conjunction with The PBS Academy to produce an Easy Read resource on the topic of behaviour and PBS.

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