• Marjorie Newton Wright Awards 2018

    26 April, 2018

    Yesterday marked the 9th year of the Marjorie Newton Wright Awards. Launched in 2009 to commemorate our founders Kenneth and Marjorie Newton Wright, the awards provide a fantastic opportunity to recognise, celebrate and commend many exceptional individuals, teams and volunteers across MacIntyre. Colleagues, people we support and family members were invited to nominate those who…

  • New opportunity to join our director team

    24 April, 2018

    Do you have senior management experience in a health or social care setting? Would you be able to demonstrate excellent leadership qualities and commit to regular travel? Due to the growth of our adult and education provision for people with learning disabilities, we are looking for a second Operational Director at MacIntyre. Taking direct responsibility…

  • Poly Pharmacy: A Guide for Staff

    20 April, 2018

    Poly pharmacy is the term used when a person is taking four or more medications. This is often common for a person with a learning disability as the person is more likely to have complex health conditions. Working alongside Beth Britton, our Health Team began to put together a short guide for tackling poly pharmacy….

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  • Reflecting on the reward chart!

    23 April, 2018

    I started my role as a Community Learning Facilitator in August 2016, and spent my first few months familiarising myself with the day-to-day practices of a No Limits service. In October, a new learner, George, was to join the service, and I was tasked with being his key worker and launching his No Limits programme….

  • A boost of confidence

    16 April, 2018

    Charlotte, due to her anxiety and mental health has a history of not enjoying being in crowded or public places for long periods of time. When at home Charlotte will choose to eat her meals in the comfort of her own bedroom and to spend a lot of time there rather than mixing in the…

  • Nurturing dreams

    9 April, 2018

    “My ambition didn’t grow out of nowhere. It was planted in me by a community that nurtured me.” – Dr Michael Eric Dyson, Professor of Sociology Since I started at MacIntyre in August, I’ve been involved in coordinating a number of steering groups focused on Person Centred Planning and co-production. One thing that seems to…

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