• Duke of Edinburgh award success for Warrington Lifelong Learning

    9 August, 2017

    The Duke of Edinburgh award programme offered by our Lifelong Learning service in Warrington is continuing to grow from strength to strength. One group have just recently completed their Bronze practice expedition, which involved a challenging walk across countryside and a camping experience, which was a first for some of the group. Here is what…

  • Behind the scenes of the Great Holm Coffee Shop

    8 August, 2017

    Ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes of our coffee shop in Great Holm, Milton Keynes? You might have tasted the delicious cakes or sandwiches, but have seen the hard work that goes into measuring, mixing, baking and cooking everything that is served to their customers? Take a look at this film, produced by…

  • Duke of Edinburgh Expedition for MacIntyre School Students

    4 August, 2017

    Three students from MacIntyre School have successfully completed their Duke of Edinburgh accreditation. This has involved a practice expedition, an assessed expedition, voluntary work, a physical activity and learning a new skill. The students undertook their practice expedition in June in Salcey Forest, which involved an overnight camp and a hike the following day. The…

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  • Tennis: building confidence

    21 August, 2017

    Cassandra: A member of my staff team sent me this about a young man that we support, who finds it very difficult to try new activities and lacks confidence in himself. After a recent core group meeting where his health and confidence were brought up the team came up with a new way to support…

  • Time for change

    14 August, 2017

    The Alexandra Centre of Further Education has been overseen by MacIntyre services for the last 2 years and what an adventure it has been! Great relationships have been built, great teamwork, great creativity, great learning opportunities and of course…Great Interactions! Just like many of our students here at Alexandra Centre, change is something that is…

  • Who’s teaching who?

    7 August, 2017

    At the end of March this year, Colin moved into Bradbury Bungalow. Colin had only been to visit at couple of times with his sister and social worker so we hadn’t spent as much time with him as we would have liked, but as a staff team we knew we would work together to make…

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