Our Approach

The Curriculum

The MacIntyre No Limits curriculum aims to provide learners with the skills they need to develop into more independent adults, regardless of the level of independence they may have when they join us. Our new curriculum has been streamlined to make it more accessible for both staff and learners.

Four pathways

Alongside the curriculum, No Limits uses four pathways to help learners, staff, parents/carers, partner colleges, and other stakeholders, to understand the purpose and intended outcomes of each learner’s education programme. Learners are assigned to a pathway based on their EHCP and Baseline Assessment, but they are able to change pathways at any time if it becomes clear that a different one would be a better fit for them.

No Limits Curriculum and Pathways 'Heat Map'

Each of the four pathways covers most of the No Limits Curriculum, with different levels of emphasis depending on the learner’s needs. The table you can download here demonstrates how this can look.