Jennifer set off from Carlisle Castle at 6:30 am on 19 June, following the 69-mile route through the iconic Hadrian's Wall.

"The next six miles climb over The Sill were epic! The gradient of the hills meant that I was scrambling up the rocks. They deviated the route this year (for giggles), the last race was almost entirely flat!"

Over 17 hours, Jenny pushed through the pain and fatigue, stopping at mini intervals for food and rest. Whilst many people aim to do the trek over two days, Jennifer was determined to complete the race in just a day.

"I wasn’t looking forward to the next leg. It was 17 miles to Newburn and people had started to thin out (most stopped at Hexham to do the distance over 2 days - sensible people). I kept tagging back and forth with a lovely lady and we kept each other going for a fair few miles. The camaraderie between everyone was just phenomenal."

When Jennifer saw the finish line, there was no stopping her. She had to keep going.

"I saw the final mile marker and couldn’t have been happier."

I saw a couple of bridges, but then saw the finish sign! I screamed at the stewards “why on earth have you got us running up over a bridge?!”

I dug deep for a sprint finish (there’s ALWAYS room for a sprint finish). I stumbled to a stop and very nearly fell over. I was done. Exhausted, in more pain than I’ve ever experienced and so utterly relieved it was over."

Jennifer managed to finish the race 3 hours earlier than predicted, an incredible achievement! 

We are absolutely amazed by Jennifer's efforts and cannot thank her enough for the funds raised, which will go directly to helping the people we support to achieve their goals.