This strategy, known as The Big Plan aims to ensure that true co-production (working together) is possible and is a reality across the organisation and beyond in the neighbourhoods where people live.

The Big Plan sets out key areas of activity which have been identified by people who draw on support, families and staff.

In the spirit of co-production, The Big Plan was co-produced. Over 250 people participated in a survey and/or attended local events across MacIntyre. The goal was to determine what is currently working or not working in terms of what needs to be in place to enable us to embed true co-production across the organisation.

People voted on their top priorities at the local events; from this local action plans were developed. This led to ‘The Big Plan Day’ in May 2022 where representatives from across MacIntyre came together to look at the top themes and begin to plan action.

The four key aims of The Big Plan are:

  • For everyone in MacIntyre to understand fully what co-production - Working Together - is
  • To increase the number of people working alongside people in their neighbourhoods on co-produced projects and to build on the work of Great Communities.
  • To achieve our commitment that all meetings are accessible to everyone taking part.
  • For all reviews to be person centred and facilitated or co-facilitated by a trained facilitator using a format of the person’s choosing.

The Big Plan was launched at MacIntyre’s recent Inspiring Leaders Conference and involvement of everyone at MacIntyre teams, together with key deadlines are being shared.

Speaking of The Big Plan, Sui-Ling said: 

“The Big Plan is important because it’s nice to have lots of people involved from all round MacIntyre and there’s things that need working on, some people don’t know what co-production means."

To find out more and what’s next, watch the film.