Information for employers

We are always on the lookout to provide as many opportunities for our students as possible and we are actively seeking new partnerships with local employers who could offer work experience placements. 

We provided some information about what work experience is about and how we support employers who offer work experience placements to our students. 

If you are ready to offer a work experience place or would like to talk to one of our Job Coaches before making an offer, please use the form further down the page.


We are currently looking for new work experience opportunities in the following locations:


  • Aylesbury and surrounding areas
  • High Wycombe and surrounding areas
  • Milton Keynes and surrounding areas


  • Bedford and surrounding areas

The placement is going really well. The best things are the horses, driving the tractor and cooking on the fire. It feels good when a task gets finished.

David, MacIntyre No Limits student

How we work with employers

  • All MacIntyre learners who are provided with a work placement will be accompanied by their key worker during all of their placement days with you.

  • Employer support training can be provided to you and your teams, this will cover topics such as learning disabilities and autism and how you as a business can support MacIntyre learners by providing a safe and inclusive working environment for them whilst on placement

  • The Job Coach will work to place learners who have a desire to work in and gain new skills within your placement. They will also ensure the working environment is safe for the learner by completing necessary risk assessments.

  • A CV and one page profile will be provided to you from the learner and a full introduction will be arranged ahead of any agreed work placements.

  • Frequent reviews will be held with you and the learner/s to ensure consistency in communication throughout everyone's work experience.

Current partners

We currently work with the following companies, organisations and public bodies, providing work placements for No Limits students.

Creative Arts

Working with Animals

Trade & Specialist

Warehouse and Operative

Office and Admin

Public Services & Customer Service

Horticulture and Outdoor Spaces

  • Wolverton Community Orchard - Milton Keynes
  • The Parks Trust – Milton Keynes
  • The Green Gym - various locations
  • National Trust – various locations 

Can you offer work experience?

To help employers make a decision whether they can offer a work placement to our students, here is some information on what we are looking for:

  • Flexibility: placements can be short term or long term, usually a few weeks, a school term, or ongoing if this is what your business requires.

  • Students will usually be available to work 1-3 hours per day, once a week, with the aim of adding more hours or days if this worked for the learner and the business.

  • No job or task is to little or too large, so think of the areas your business and your team require additional support, this can all be discussed with the Job Coach when they come to meet you.

Real life examples

Our students have been completing their work experience placements with great success. Here are some of their stories.

What to do next

If you are interested in offering work experience placement in your organisation, please get in touch.

Your local Job Coach will contact with you within 5 working days.

The Job Coach will likely want to arrange a convenient time to come and meet you at your place of work - this will be the perfect time to have a look around and talk about how you can work together moving forward.