Working with families, siblings and circles of support is at the heart of MacIntyre’s approach. We are committed to working alongside families, recognising that each family is unique and that each family will need to be supported in a person-centred way.

MacIntyre’s Family Charter was created in partnership with families. It is based on the principle that good, honest communication will take place from the very start of the relationship between MacIntyre and families, so that people feel confident, safe, involved, respected and valued.

In a recent ‘Families Podcast’ interview Rowan Jackson, an Area Manager at MacIntyre, provided insight into how we welcome families and what support is available. Rowan referred to the knowledge that families have about their loved one by saying:

 "The true learning comes from those with that experience. We just have to listen."

Nicola Payne, MacIntyre's Family Engagement Consultant said:

"I am excited about the MacIntyre Family Charter, as I know it’s helping many families and staff to work together. The Family Charter will continue to help expectations to be defined and ensure communication is effective as relationships develop."

To ensure that families continue to get the support that they need to prepare and guide their loved one through life we need your support. Please consider donating to the Big Christmas Challenge. Remember anything you give this week will be doubled.

The Big Give Christmas Challenge Week runs from Tuesday 29 November at 12 noon to Tuesday 6 December at 12 noon. 

See further below how you can support our campaign and how your donations will make a difference.