We believe that everyone, irrespective of the complexity of his or her needs, wants to and does communicate. To provide support that truly reflects and meets an individual’s unique needs, choices and aspirations, we make sure that we find the best way of engaging with each person.

With this in mind, we have created an Intensive Interaction postcard that provides a definition of Intensive Interaction, the Principles of Intensive Interaction and the Fundamentals of Communication for staff.

The Intensive Interaction postcard is available to download below.

What is Intensive Interaction?

Intensive Interaction is an approach to interacting with and teaching early communication and interaction skills to people who do not find it easy communicating or being social.

To find out more about Intensive Interaction contact MacIntyre's Facilitation Advisor Gwenne McFadzean via [javascript protected email address] or visit www.intensiveinteraction.org