The opportunities offered in Chesterfield include:

  • Sport and leisure activities, such as boccia, bowling, swimming, yoga and curling and chair-based exercises
  • Working in our print shop to learn print and design skills
  • Growing vegetables in the community garden
  • Event planning
  • Developing computer and IT skills
  • Accessing local colleges for education and training
  • Taking part in social events and day trips
  • Learning literacy skills
  • Improving domestic skills including cooking and baking

The MacIntyre i4t group runs 3 workshops:

  • It’s all about me, me, me – focuses on communicating with adults with learning disabilities
  • Great Interactions – demonstrates how Great Interactions™ should be used (download flier)
  • Opening Eyes with See Ability – teaches how important it is to look after your eyes and your glasses (download flier)

Additionally, our staff can provide support for finding work, including completing application forms and preparing for interviews; independent travel support, including using public transport, learning road safety skills and what to do in an emergency; and education and training, including finding information about college and training courses.

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