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"I have worked with the people of Monro Avenue for nearly 30 years and we have developed from the Westoning site to Milton Keynes to provide more opportunities for the people I support and over the years , I have been privilege to witness them grow in confidence and have a life which makes sense to them. Building on relationships with friends and family and different staff. Enjoy finding new adventure we can experience together. In Monro we have built a family and we all like to work together to achieve the best outcome for the people we support but also for the staff who work there, we are a team. I am so proud of the people who live and work at Monro Avenue as over the year we have had some challenges and we have always ensured the people who live in Monro Avenue are in the center of everything we do and we all believe in everything we do. Staff are always looking at how we can improve what we have and try to move the service forward."

- Nicky Croucher

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