Sarah and Zelda

When Sarah first arrived at MacIntyre, she was shy and reserved. Not only did she find interacting with others difficult, but she had no interest in eating meals. Desperate to help Sarah feel at home, Helen the Frontline Manager introduced her to Zelda.

Helen McQuarrie, Frontline Manager in Hampshire said:

“Zelda is a little cocker spaniel; a sweet-natured, gentle little pet which belongs to my daughter. Knowing how therapeutic pets can be, I take her into work some days.”

For Sarah, this seemed to be the perfect solution. After spending time with Zelda, Sarah began to open up to staff and share how she wanted to be supported.

Thanks to Zelda and the continued support from staff Sarah now enjoys meals and loves to interact with others.

Debbie and Snowy

Debbie is a lady supported by MacIntyre in Worcester. Having cared for her pet rabbit Snowy for over 10 years, their bond is strong as ever.

Speaking about Snowy, she said:

“I have a pet rabbit called Snowy and he is now nearly 10 years old! I feed him every day and with support clean out his cage at weekends. He has a great big cage and he lives in my back garden. I take him to the vets for his injections and to have his nails cut. In the winter I make sure his cage is covered, so that he is nice and warm. I love Snowy.”

The 'Milo' effect

For people we support in Buckinghamshire, there’s a particular member of the family who has made quite an impact.

Sarah Lancaster, Frontline Manager in Milton Keynes said:

“Milo started coming to the service when he was just weeks old so has grown up with the people we support. He generally comes in for one shift a week and supports not only the people we support, but the staff too, with some therapeutic time and getting some exercise with the walks he loves. The joy he brings to the people we support is written all over their face.”

Grace and Lockie

For Grace, a MacIntyre No Limits student meeting Lockie was the best decision she has ever made…but it wasn’t without challenges. It took some time for Grace to adjust to living with a puppy, but now she wouldn’t change a thing.

“Lockie is my best friend. He comes to me when I feel down. He has made me feel more relaxed and safe in the house. He has also taught me that living your life isn't a bad thing. Lockie accepts me for who I am.”