A specialist approach

Our approach in supporting people through transition from hospital to the community is person centred, outcome focused, up-to-date with government policy and representative of best practice. Integrity is important to us: we believe our values are given meaning through our actions and we are rigorous in reflecting on these actions and learning from them every day. We ensure that everyone supported benefits from the expertise of our award-winning specialist practitioners in areas including Health, Positive Behaviour Support and Person Centred Approaches.

These specialists support with developing learning pathways, clinical supervision and support, and building resilience for staff. This ensures we have the technical skills and competencies to support reflective learning in the workplace and can provide a sustainable model of support. We also work with local community teams to ensure every individual receives the health and therapy they require.

We are active members of the Transforming Care Taskforce and are regularly asked to share our good practice through a number of forums.

Family involvement

We work closely with families to ensure they are involved every step of the way. We organise regular meetings to encourage an open flow of communication between the people we support, specialists, families and staff. Regular contact between families and the people we support is encouraged to maintain positive relationships.

Sam spent most of his childhood living in the family home, living a rich and fulfilling life. However, his teenage years became a little bit more difficult which ended up meaning that Sam could no longer be supported at home by his family. This separation to the day has been really impactful on both Sam and his family.

Kirsty's Story

Kirsty’s journey with MacIntyre began in 2014 when she started being supported by MacIntyre No Limits after being released from an Assessment and Treatment Unit (ATU). Her stay at the unit was a traumatic experience however the apparent lack of good support after coming back home meant that Kirsty's support needs were still not being met and this in turn propelled the vicious circle of either being in crisis or being left in limbo.

No Limits support meant that Kirsty started making progress in gaining life and social skills at her own pace. During her last year with No Limits Kirsty began presenting her story at conferences - a huge step which not only boosted her confidence but showed how much she grew in confidence.

Currently Kirsty is employed by MacIntyre as Expert by Experience. If you are interested in inviting Kirsty to deliver a presentation please get in touch.

I was 14 years old when I started to communicate how my life is. Things were getting worse. I had been permanently excluded from my school. My CAMHS worker thought it would be a good idea if I went into a mental health hospital as a day patient. I said something at a meeting and then they sectioned me!