Employee of the Month

We all know that MacIntyre staff do a brilliant job, but saying so shows your appreciation. If you’ve had a great experience with a MacIntyre employee, why not nominate them for our monthly award?

Who can nominate?

Anyone who comes into contact with MacIntyre staff - whether you are a staff member yourself, you are supported by MacIntyre, you are a family member, or see people being supported by MacIntyre in your work.

Who can be nominated?

Anyone can. It doesn't matter if the employee you would like to nominate supports someone directly, or manages teams, or works in an office. If you see a job being done well - tell us!

How to nominate?

  • Fill in the form below or download and send a pdf version.
  • Forms sent by 20th of each month will count as the current month, forms sent after the 20th will be considered in the next month.

Nomination form

Use the form below to nominate someone for the Employee of the Month award. Alternatively use a pdf version.

Please provide details of why you are recommending this employee as the Employee of the Month