Who’s Who

MacIntyre’s organisational structure is defined by our open culture and clearly reflects the individual and person centred nature of the services we provide. The style of management and the systems and procedures we have developed ensure our services all focus on this key element, enabling us to improve choice and continue to deliver excellent services. This is clearly expressed in ‘Our Values’ which contain a list of MacIntyre Promises and expectations made to the people we provide services for and our staff.

Roles and responsibilities within MacIntyre are clearly defined to ensure both effective decision-making and accountability, ensuring the implementation of policies and procedures is efficient, while keeping senior management close to the point of service delivery. This has resulted in a flattened hierarchy of only six levels from front line Support Worker to CEO.

Operational Structure

Each service is managed by a ‘Head of Service’ who has a fundamental role in supporting and ensuring excellent practice. Services are grouped into local geographical areas and are managed by Area Managers, who in turn receive direction from an Operational Director. Our school has its own Principal who also reports to an Operational Director.

MacIntyre’s operational structure

Support Worker/Link Worker
Senior Support Worker
Frontline Manager
Area Manager & Head of Operations
Operational Directors

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