Zoom Chair Exercises

Many of us are guilty of finding ourselves on the sofa, rather than hitting our daily step count in lockdown. To combat this, our teams have developed 'chair-based exercises' for people we support to encourage them to keep fit whilst at home.

Here is Tommy, who we support in Milton Keynes, dancing to 'YMCA'.

Virtual Family Fortunes

For Andy, who we support in Greater Manchester, using Zoom to take part in online activities such as 'Family Fortunes' has helped him to develop his digital skills. 

Getting crafty online

For people who prefer to express themselves through art, our teams regularly deliver online craft sessions.

These sessions have been a big hit with Debbie, who we support in Hampshire. Ahead of Valentine's Day, Debbie used the session to create a unique piece of art dedicated to her pet cat Lucky, as well as make a few new friends.

To discover the full list of online activities available, visit our Events page and select "Online activities" from the filter.