Intensive Interaction has incredible links to therapy outcomes and what we're doing overall in the school as a service but also in our individual sessions. The relationship building is much more quick throughout the process. It also feels a lot safer - it doesn't feel like we're really pushing them and making things really challenging for them.

Tara Whiteford
Occupational Therapist

The Sun Came Out

She sat on the floor all alone rocking to and fro
He came in, also sat down and decided to give it a go
She carried on without looking up but she knew he was there
He started to rock to and fro to show that he did care
She flicked her hair and tossed her head as far back as she could
He did the same to give a response, he wanted to and he should
She sneaked a peek and touched her nose to see what he would do
Of course he gave a lovely look and touched his own nose too
She couldn’t resist tapping the floor and gave a little snigger
He paused a second and imitated, his response was slightly bigger
She reached out her hand and looked at him, he was waiting with wide eyes
He put his hand out to meet hers and felt he had won first prize
She and he tuned in as one enjoying just being together
Intensive Interaction is the approach that secures foundations that last forever

Kate Webb

Senior Learning Support Assistant Intensive Interaction Mentor, MacIntyre School

Download fact sheet about Intensive Interaction together with the poem