Communicating through music

6 March 2019

MacIntyre No Limits staff and students have been taking part in an Introductory Training Project in partnership with Music as Therapy International.

The Introductory Training Project began in January and aims to provide staff and students at MacIntyre No Limits the chance to use music to develop the quality of their interactions.

Music Therapy can support individuals to gain confidence in their communication skills and build trusting relationships.

The sessions, which take place at Dell Farm Outdoor Education Centre in Bedfordshire, are led by Music Therapist Susanna Bajali.

Reflecting on the project in a blog post, Susanna said:

“The first three weeks involved meeting the staff and young people; getting to know them and how they work and their expectations for this project. We introduced some activities and ideas which use sound as a way to communicate and engage.”

Susanna added:

“We passed instruments around, taking turns to listen to one another. We took it in turns to be the leader of the group, listening closely to how each person played and following their sounds and movements. We explored different ways of playing; loud and soft, quick and slow, high and low. Overall, it was a very positive start and I am looking forward to the next six weeks working with this fantastic group of people!”

If you would like to learn more about MacIntyre No Limits, please contact [javascript protected email address].