Community Connects at Warrington Wolves Captain's Run

7 May 2024

An Unforgettable Morning of Sports, Interviews, and Fun

In an inspiring community event, people who draw on support at MacIntyre in Warrington had the exciting opportunity to attend the “captain’s run” hosted by the Warrington Wolves. This unique experience not only brought the community closer to the heart of rugby but also highlighted the club's commitment to community engagement.

The event kicked off with attendees getting an exclusive glimpse into the team’s preparations and strategies as they watched the players go through their final paces before the weekend game. The atmosphere was electric, with fans young and old feeling the buzz of being so close to their local heroes.

Following the training session, the players and coaching staff, including head coach Sam Burgess, took time to mingle with the group. They displayed commendable warmth and friendliness, chatting with attendees, signing autographs, and posing for photographs, which added a personal touch to the morning.

Adding a special twist to the day, Jess, a reporter from MacIntyre The Mag, conducted interviews with Burgess and several first-team players. These interviews are set to feature in an upcoming article.

A huge thank you was extended to Carla from Dimensions for her role in organising this engaging event. Additional accolades were given to James and Claire from The Warrington Wolves Foundation, who not only facilitated the magazine interviews but also ensured the event was fun and informative. Their efforts show the power of community and sport coming together.

Below is a photo of everyone from the day taken from MacIntyre In Warrington Facebook Page.