Community Goals

5 February 2018
Blog post

We have been working with Midu for 2 years and started home tutoring in March 2017 with support from MacIntyre staff. Midu didn’t like leaving his home or his mother, staff encouraged Midu to go into the garden just to begin with, however Midu didn’t want to go outside and he didn’t want to leave his mum.

In the summer holidays in August, two No Limits staff members myself and Cadwell looked after Midu (private arrangement) while mum left Midu for the first time in 16 years to go on holiday with her daughter and husband to Italy. We supported Midu (24-hour care) and this was an enjoyable experience both for the staff, Midu and the family.

When term started in September 2017 I had a session with Midu, I was apprehensive as to whether or not Midu would remember me from the summer and how he would react now that I was coming for educational sessions. However, there was nothing to be worried about as Midu pulled me into the house and wanted to interact immediately.

Since then Midu has enjoyed going out every day. He has discovered new experiences accessing the community and learning to become more independent. Midu has been to his local Tesco’s. At times Midu doesn’t leave the car but just likes to take in his surroundings. Places of interest for Midu have been Wendover Forest, Ashridge National Trust Park, College Lake, Tring Garden Centre, Macdonald’s and the local park. Most recently Midu has transitioned from the car to Dell Farm which was amazing, and engaged with other staff and young people there.

Midu also recently attended the MacIntyre Roadshow event in Towcester. He really enjoyed himself especially on the sensory table, playing the musical instruments and seeing the animals. Midu remained at the event for 2 hours which was fantastic.

Midu has taught me a lot, when you see beyond a behaviour that is sometimes presented before you and see the person, it makes all the difference. Midu has taught me patience, gentleness and most of all more compassion.

Paul Hector

Community Learning Facilitator

No Limits, Beds and Herts