Getting to know Kev and providing this highly specific support, well I think the boundaries of achievement are always moving. Some evidence is; nearly two and a half years on Kev has seen staff come and go (naturally) and many staff return too. The staff who return share “Remember when” stories and these really evidence how far we and Kev have come. From one person approaching Kev with a tangible item without an actual time specified, to now having three people enjoying the same environment and same activity as Kev for up to 90 minutes. The picture shows the environment Kev needs for a life that makes sense to him. Two staff have enjoyed up to 90 minutes in the pool with Kev, mirroring, responding, being creative and showing warmth with Kev. This works so well with a third member of staff just observing, reflecting and listening to everyone. Some really Great Interactions take place.

The key outcome we have achieved here is for Kev to once again feel safe.

With the commitment, buy in and vision of everyone in Kev’s circle of support we have made him feel safe to have people around him that he trusts won’t hurt him. You have to clear out what may seem like a daft idea, be open to creativity, understand what makes sense to Kev and most of all promise him that you are ‘kind and friendly and fun’. Only then will you leave Kev’s home that day with satisfaction and a massive smile!

Recently, thanks to fundraising monies, Kev was able to purchase a GoPro camera to capture these increasingly frequent Great Interactions. The recordings are supporting staff practice and confidence and above all helping Kev’s family build their trust again and belief that Kev is feeling safe.

Mark Evans

Frontline Manager, Adult Services North

* The person’s name in this blog has been changed.