Fulfilling Potential and Supporting Better Lives

27 April 2018

There are many challenges facing people with learning disabilities and their families in ensuring they are afforded the same rights as the rest of the population to be valued, protected, offered choice, have equality and able to maximise potential and lead full enriched lives.

Join us at the Learning Disabilities: Fulfilling Potential and Supporting Better Lives Conference on Tuesday, 13 March in Manchester where we will join other industry experts in discussions on supporting people to take full advantage of life’s opportunities and enabling people with learning disabilities to lead fulfilled lives.

At the event you will:

- Hear how people with learning disabilities can be supported to maximise their life chances and fulfil their true potential

- Learn how the transformation of services and the support provided is allowing for greater opportunities to self-advocate and make choices

- Gain insight into how the rights of people with learning disabilities can be defended and upheld

- Understand how the issues of healthcare inequalities can be addressed and the same level of protection is assured as experienced by the rest of the population

- Gain knowledge of the steps needed to be taken to co-ordinate care, support and treat children and young people with complex needs (and behaviour that challenges), also involving mental health problems and learning disabilities and/or autism

- We are proud to be the main sponsor of this event.

Maria Fiddimore, Head of Operations of MacIntyre’s alternative education provision, No Limits, is part of the impressive line-up of speakers and will join the morning session at 10:30am.

Book your ticket now and join us for a thought provoking and inspiring day. If you have any questions or would like to arrange to speak with Maria at the event, please email [javascript protected email address].