As Rachel’s confidence grew she was hoping that a horse would be available for her to transfer to ‘real’ riding and she was so excited when she came into the office to tell me that she was going to start riding CoCo, a lovely placid horse. Rachel could not wait for her first ride on Coco and I in turn waited patiently for her to come into the office and tell me all about it. I wasn’t disappointed as Rachel arrived beaming and full of pride in her new found friend and skills.

Over the last few weeks I have thoroughly enjoyed accompanying Rachel on several occasions to her lesson on Coco and it is lovely to see her increased confidence and sheer delight in riding. She is doing really well and her instructors are full of praise for her skills and enthusiasm and Rachel is full of pride for these as well. Rachel has even been able to leave the security of the arena and take Coco out into the surrounding countryside with a group of riders and in the summer she hopes to help care for some of the horses by getting involved in grooming them at the riding centre.

Facilitating someone’s progress like this is a pleasure to be a part of and amazing to see. Knowing that in some little way you have been able to enhance somebody’s life...

Denise Johansson

Administrator (Wrexham). Staff Council Member - Shropshire/Powys/Wrexham