Not only this, but Andrew has been supported to increase his independence, which has in turn built up his confidence. He is now meeting new people regularly, including going on his first date this year. Andrew is also now opening up to staff, which has had a huge impact on his wellbeing and health.

In recognition of his achievements, Andrew has been nominated for the Dimensions Learning Disability Leader's List 2019, in the area of 'Advocacy, Policy and Media'.

Staff are delighted with Andrew's progress, sharing:

"Andrew is now able to be the person he wants to be and has a life that makes sense to him. If you would have met Andrew a few years ago, you would have been lucky if he would have said two words to you. He believed that everything he now has was out of reach. Each goal he reaches fills him with more confidence to try other things."

They added:

"The centre that Andrew works in say that they would be lost without him. He is hardworking, caring, funny, Staff say that Andrew is a pleasure to work with but if you are not careful he may overdose you with coffee! He is fun-loving compassionate a loyal friend and the right lady would be lucky to have him a boyfriend. We are very excited about Andrew and his future."