How Do You Support Your Friends?

20 May 2024

Supporting Each Other: Insights from the Second Episode of Friendship Group

In the latest episode of Friendship Group, the focus shifted to the vital topic of supporting friends through tough times. This discussion comes at a poignant moment, following last week's Mental Health Awareness Week, highlighting the importance of being there for each other.

The group highlighted that sometimes, simply being present and offering a non-judgmental ear can provide immense comfort to someone struggling. Getting out and about together can really help. Asking your friend what is going on for them can also be great way to support a friend that seems down.  

This episode of Friendship Group serves as a timely reminder of the strength found in togetherness. It encourages us to be vigilant, compassionate, and proactive in supporting our friends, creating a community where everyone feels seen and valued.

Watch the full episode here