Meet our first Dragon Boat Festival team

3 May 2018

We would like to introduce our first Milton Keynes Dragon Boat Festival team and Gold Sponsor, Calverton Finance.

The Milton Keynes Dragon Boat Festival, organised by Gable Events and supported by MKFM and Business MK, will take place at Willen Lake on Saturday 23 June 2018.

Welcome, Calverton Finance!

Calverton Finance is a boutique style financier within the Invoice Discounting market based in Milton Keynes.

The Calverton Capsizers are gearing themselves up to take on the challenge for the 7th year. They have a message to share…

“At Calverton Finance we love a challenge, so who wants to beat our previous year’s results? With our now 7th attempt, come and challenge us alongside raising money for a fantastic charity, MacIntyre. This is a superb team-building event not only for our employees but friends and family too. The Calverton Capsizers will try not to capsize and channel our inner dragons! So, who’s going to beat us to the finish line?”

What will the funds buy?

We receive funding to provide our core services, so fundraised income can be used to buy the extras that make a real and tangible difference to the people we support. Every penny raised through the Milton Keynes Dragon Boat Festival will be used to benefit the people we support in the Milton Keynes area. Your funds can also support a specific project or service.

£40 can purchase a set of Jigpics – online jigsaws which can be used by people who do not have the dexterity to complete a standard jigsaw

£100 can be used to purchase music equipment, a fantastic means of engagement and for shared experiences and enjoyment

£400 can purchase an iPad, offering all sorts of games, plus the ability to maintain connections with family members using video calling

£500 plus can be used to develop a garden. This might include creating safe paths and raised beds for people who use wheelchairs or creating a sensory garden – planting for scent and texture for people who may have a visual impairment.

Get your team together!

For further information and an entry form visit: or call Gable Events on 01780 470 718.