Caroline added:

“The Café was also a great opportunity for some of the people who live at The Cherries to get involved; Kevin and Mark served tea and coffee and took time to talk with people who attended, so they too could make friends and help others.

The Cherries has a very good relationship with the local church and we were lucky enough to use the church hall free of charge for our first event. The Café idea also supports the church with their own steering group of making Flackwell Heath dementia friendly.

We advertised as much as we could via social media posts and painting the village of Flackwell Heath ‘MacIntyre purple’ with all of our posters.”

Caroline also recalls the local donations received in preparation for the Café:

“I approached our local Sainsbury’s and Tesco who were very generous with their donations of tea, biscuits, milk... the list goes on. We also had a lovely donation of cakes from the handmade cake company in nearby High Wycombe.

I was really pleased with how the first Café went; we had a steady flow of people coming through the door, with lots of positive conversations and smiles. It was exactly what I wanted from the first Café, and I feel the Cafés will only get bigger and better as time goes on. I am very excited and motivated for the next one!”