Observing Great Interactions

8 May 2017
Blog post

One of the best parts of my job is getting out and about to different services and meeting the people we support and staff. I enjoying seeing the way staff support people and the Great Interactions that take place.

I visited Brookes Road one day and the person being supported was getting agitated with the member of staff supporting them. The person did not know what activity they wanted to do that day and was getting cross. The member of staff took time to answer calmly, sat with the person; offered choices for options that were available and always ensured the person had time to think about the choice and for them to make their own decision on what they wanted to do. Eventually the person was calmer and happier and made the decision to prepare their lunch on their own and then to do an activity afterwards. It was great to see the way the member of staff used their facilitation skills effectively such as being aware of their tone of voice, keeping calm, maintaining good eye contact, body language relaxed and showing respect by giving the person plenty of time to think about their options and make their own decision in their own time, which then proved to be a positive outcome for the person.

Another time I was visiting the Coffee Shop at Great Holm. Hannah was working that day and was being supported by Josh Peel to use the till. Hannah rang the total into the till and took the money from the customer, but needed support from Josh when the money was handed over to her. Josh stood with Hannah and explained what the notes were that she had been given. He kept his voice soft and his explanations were straight forward with just the right amount of words required for the situation. Josh had good eye contact with Hannah and reassured her by smiling, nodding and being patient with her, this also portrayed warmth due to the good working relationship the two of them had.

It was evident that Hannah found the whole experience very supportive and meaningful as when she handed money back to the customer she excitedly told them they had a new £5 note in their change. It took a bit of time for the whole process to take place, but it was so worthwhile: it had been a good experience for Hannah and for me it was fantastic to see such a Great Interaction.

Carol Davison

Audit and Standards Officer