The reason we partner with specialists is simple: this area of law is so specialised that it is crucial to signpost families to the appropriate legal advice. Families of people with learning disabilities and/or autism often have to manage financial and legal problems over and above what other parents have to face. Offering advice in dealing with complex decisions relating to Wills, Trusts and Power of Attorney can reduce anxieties for families. MacIntyre also offer a free Guide to Wills and Guide to Trusts which complements these workshops.

One parent said:

“The fear of dying and information not being passed on fills me with such worry. Knowing we can work closely with the staff team to have these important conversations moving forwards in the future reduces feelings of anxiety for both me and my husband.”

MacIntyre wants to continue to facilitate workshops for families to get the right advice when planning for the future but to fund these projects we need your help. Please donate to the Big Give Christmas Challenge. Remember anything you give this week will be doubled!