Shooting in the right direction!

28 January 2019
Blog post

Tim, when he joined MacIntyre No Limits for Herts and Beds on a bespoke Community Education Programme, was very frustrated, anxious and unwilling to participate in sessions.

After an initial introduction process and staff supporting him to input into his own weekly timetable Tim slowly became less anxious and became much happier and engaged with staff in a much more positive manner.

Tim is focused on football, and his sessions were constructed around his interest. He had practical football skills and games sessions with staff in various locations chosen by Tim, and participated in Beds FA sessions with other young people supported by No Limits.

Tim also completed an AQA unit award in Football which included videos where he would need to engage, practice, listen to directions and be calm.

Tim has recently transitioned to a local school, with more confidence and purpose. He has had a very positive experience with No Limits; learning to communicate more effectively without the need for over exuberance or anger. We all wish him all the best for the future and hope that he keeps up the great work!

Mark Sawtell

Community Learning Facilitator, No Limits, Herts and Beds 

The person’s name has been changed in this blog