Working with Nourish for Foodie Friday

2 February 2018

Have you heard of Nourish?

Jane Clarke, dietician and Britain’s most trusted Nutritionist, founded Nourish to help people facing health challenges via nourishing food and support. Jane’s mission is to change people’s lives through the power of nourishment.

Nourish by Jane Clarke is unique because it combines delicious recipes with nutrition information, plus advice on health issues that people experience when they are unwell.

We are thrilled to announce that we will be working with Nourish on our new initiative ‘Foodie Friday’, where each week we will share new recipes, food facts and advice from Nourish with MacIntyre staff, the people we support and their families to encourage eating well and living healthy lifestyles.

Staying healthy and eating well is important to many people that we support and Foodie Friday is a chance for everyone to try new ways of cooking, new ingredients and to share knowledge and interests across the organisation.

Jane Clarke, founder of Nourish said:

“I’m thrilled to be working with MacIntyre and I’m looking forward to Foodie Friday when I’ll be sharing tips and recipes, and hoping to hear from MacIntyre staff and the people supported by MacIntyre about what they love to eat!”

What’s your favourite recipe? For regular foodie ideas and inspiration, sign up to Nourish’s monthly newsletter. And head to the website for lots of great recipes, info and more.