Course Content

This is what we'll be covering during this programme:

  • Jargon and acronyms
  • All about your loved one
  • Who is involved now?
  • Aspirations
  • Diagnosis/Health/Medication (including history)
  • Allies and barriers
  • Finances, Insurance and Benefits
  • Passwords
  • Support and housing providers
  • The official stuff - Wills, Trusts, DoLs, Appointee, Power of Attorney
  • Equipment
  • Staying over, sleep and personal care
  • Meetings
  • Times to keep the plates spinning, things to be aware of, gaining confidence in meetings, a 'waiting for' section, an 'easy to find' section, where are the important documents, keep a gift idea list
  • Education or employment and volunteers

Sounds helpful, doesn't it?