Five Ways to Wellbeing

The Five Ways to Wellbeing were created in 2008 after research completed by the New Economics Foundation. They are a set of evidence-based actions to improve personal wellbeing. The Five Ways to Wellbeing were created to show that wellbeing does not depend on spending money or consuming more, they are all things within the control of the person and do not depend on anyone else to make them happen.

Some ideas for what Wellbeing stands for:

  • Wellbeing is feeling good about yourself - listen to what your body and mind tells you.
  • Wellbeing is respecting others around you and being respected by others.
  • Wellbeing is doing the things you enjoy either on your own or with friends and family.


  • What is wellbeing?
  • Things that may impact our wellbeing
  • The Five Ways to Wellbeing
  • Connect
  • Be Active
  • Take Notice
  • Keep Learning
  • Give
  • The Wellbeing Wheel
  • Top Tips for wellbeing
  • Smiling is infectious
  • Supporting someone's wellbeing

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