Life Story - Wellbeing for Life

We all have a life story.

Our history, important people, places, events, interests and hobbies, values and beliefs are all part of our life story. They form our memories of our lives.

Life story work is something anyone can do – it simply means constantly collecting and documenting our lives and creating resources to reflect our experiences and the things that are important to us. It’s a continual process that can be started at any age and never ends.

Remember that life story work isn’t just about the past, it’s happening every day, so document and photograph all those special daily memories and keep them in a diary, book, folder or on a board.

Life story work isn’t about reminding a person of bad experiences in the past. You must always respect a person’s right to confidentiality and privacy, and the choices they make about their information.

Participating in life story work is a matter of personal choice for the person you are supporting – some people love it, other people don’t want to do life story work.


  • What is Life Story?
  • Benefits of Life Story work for the person
  • The Life Story Network
  • The Memory Maze
  • Collecting memories
  • Qualities staff need for Life Story work
  • Stage 1: where to start
  • Stage 2: what's next
  • IStage 3: responding to changes
  • Life Story for the Life Course

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