Living Well with Dementia

The phrase ‘Living Well with Dementia’ is one you may have heard before.

The idea behind it is the concept that a person with dementia can still live a positive and fulfilling life, enjoying hobbies and interests they pursued before their diagnosis, participating in new activities, and feeling a sense of achievement and wellbeing.

As Terry Pratchett said during his life with dementia:

“It’s possible to live well with dementia and write bestsellers ‘like wot I do’ ”

Contents of this mini book:

  1. What is 'living well' with Dementia?
  2. Is living well always possible?
  3. What does living well look like in practice?
  4. Healthy diet and lifestyle
  5. Social interaction and mental stimulation
  6. Healthy sleep patterns
  7. Care and support
  8. Wellbeing
  9. Nourishing the person's support network
  10. Your role in helping a person to live well with Dementia
  11. Skills staff need
  12. Providing the "just right support"
  13. Ten Top Tips to support a person to live well with Dementia

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