Promoting Independence and Safety

Part of Wellbeing for Life series

A person who is getting older, or has a diagnosis of dementia, is still able to carry out tasks for themselves. However, in certain situations they may require more support or a new way of doing something they have done for years. You would only do this if the person was putting themselves at risk and you could see there was potential for an accident.

There are many ways of doing this and it is your job to think creatively about how this could happen. 

Contents of this booklet

  • Supporting People to Maintain their Independence
  • The “Just Right Support” 
  • Keep the Person at the Centre of their Support 
  • Decision Making Agreement Thinking Tool 
  • Promoting Independence and Great Interactions
  • Motivation and Maintaining Independence 
  • When you think of motivation what springs to your mind? 
  • Motivation to be Independent 
  • Case Study Example 
  • Promoting Independence and Keeping Safe 
  • Making changes in the home or place of work to be safe 
  • Who else can help?
  • Using Telecare in the home to promote independence and safety 
  • Keeping Safe When Out and About 
  • Choice, Control and Promoting Independence and Safety 

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