Who Else Can Help?

Part of Wellbeing for Life series

We all have an idea of what help is available to us when we are unwell.

We can speak to our GP, see the practice nurse or make an appointment with the chiropractor for a bad back, but what happens when we are caring for someone who requires more than a visit to the doctor?

It is important to have an understanding of the healthcare available to the person you support.

It is possible that you will see many different health professionals, so knowing who to see, their job roles and how they can help, can give you confidence in your support of a person with dementia or a learning disability at the end of their life.

You may see health professionals such as doctors, and other ‘allied’ health professionals such as occupational therapists.

Contents of this min book:

  • What help is available?
  • What do you do first?
  • Health appointments
  • Don’t keep things to yourself
  • Other health and social care professionals that you might come into contact with
  • Health recording is vital
  • Tips to help with health recording
  • Where do I go to find local health support?

Are we making a difference?

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