The MacIntyre Checkers are a group of people supported and employed by MacIntyre who assist in the creation and approval of communications that are made accessible to anyone using a MacIntyre service. The group meets regularly to check information is easy to read and is presented in a format that most people are able to understand. Only then is it given the MacIntyre Checkers stamp of approval. Find out more about the Checkers or watch a short film to meet the group.

My Voice groups

Our My Voice groups across the country provide an opportunity for the people we support to share their views and discuss important issues.

Keep Going…….Don’t Stop! group

The Keep Going…….Don’t Stop! group works alongside our Dementia Project team to develop resources and ensure everything created is accessible. Working collaboratively with the MacIntyre Checkers, the Keep Going.......Don’t Stop! group provides valuable insight and expertise on all health-related documents and MacIntyre Dementia Project resources.   

Keeping Safe Project

MacIntyre has been delivering the Keeping Safe Project, supported and funded by Derbyshire County Council, since 2009. The project aims to support adults with a learning disability to recognise and report Hate Crime and enhance their community safety.

The project has a team of Keeping Safe Champions who are people with a learning disability who deliver free training workshops. The team regularly delivers workshops on the following topics:

  • Internet Safety – this can be to a small group or one to one
  • Hate Crime
  • Friend or Pretend Friend
  • Keeping Safe when out and about – including using cash machines, carrying our belongings safely, getting taxis safely
  • How to handle bogus callers

The Mag

Developed in 2002, the Mag is a seasonal magazine developed for and by the people we support. The Mag features artwork, recipes, news and stories about new activities, achievements and adventures. Please email [javascript protected email address] to find out more.

Reps on Board

Reps on Board is a learning and development project which began in 2007. It is jointly funded by MacIntyre and Derbyshire County Council. The Reps have a learning disability and are members of their local and County Partnership Boards. The Reps on Board project trains and develops the Reps to be good peer advocates. In September 2018 the Reps on Board project will transfer to Derbyshire County Council.


MacIntyre Inspired 4 Training (i4t group) is a group of people with learning disabilities in Chesterfield who deliver training for staff teams and for people with a learning disability.

The MacIntyre i4t group offers 3 free workshops:

  • Opening Eyes with See Ability is a workshop that teaches people with a learning disability what we can do to look after our eyes and our glasses. This is part of the See Ability peer support network.
  • Great Interactions™ is a fun and interactive workshop which demonstrates how we can facilitate good communication with people with a learning disability.
  • ‘It’s all about me, me, me’ is a simple one page tool which helps people to get to know their staff teams or peers.

Safe Places

We also work in partnership with Derbyshire County Council’s Safe Place scheme. With our Keeping Safe Champions, we assist in finding and then training Safe Places, which people in need can go to if they need help when they are out and about in Derbyshire. There are currently over 160 Safe Places across the county.

To find out more please contact

Catherine Farrell, Person Centred Approaches Advisor