• The ‘forgotten’ dementia in learning disability communities

    29 September, 2016

    We are happy to announce that MacIntyre’s Dementia Project team has joined forces with Arc Seven Communications, one of the UK’s most effective PR, reputation and issues management agencies specialising in health care and social care, to produce a short video on the ‘forgotten’ dementia in learning disability communities. Throughout the video, the Dementia Project…

  • World Alzheimer’s Day 2016

    21 September, 2016

    MacIntyre Dementia Project is supporting the World Alzheimer’s Day to raise awareness of Dementia, which includes Alzheimer’s Disease – the most common cause of Dementia. People with a learning disability are at an increased risk of developing Dementia, and at a younger age. People with Down’s Syndrome are at particular risk of developing Alzheimer’s Disease….

  • “Less Medication, More Information” Conference

    15 September, 2016

    Reducing the numbers of people with Dementia being prescribed antipsychotic medicine for “behaviour of concern” is a National Priority in the UK – and one of the planned outcomes of the MacIntyre Dementia Project. On Monday Rosie Joustra and Karen Duggan, members of the project attended a conference “Less Medication, More Information” where they highlighted…

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  • The cheese sandwich!

    26 September, 2016

    As many of you know I work in finance and primarily work at Central. Part of my role is to visit the services to make sure the financial records are kept to a certain standard. This is one of my favourite parts of my job, I love to meet the people we support and engrain…

  • Safe Foundations

    19 September, 2016

    Back in April, Alan started to go for aromatherapy sessions. This was not a random decision or a token gesture to fill his days, it was borne from research I had been doing around the reduction in self injurious behaviours due to positive touch. The research and case studies I had read gave overwhelming evidence…

  • Responsive with ‘Cake and Coffee’

    12 September, 2016

    During our summer term, to coincide with transitional activities, the Programme Co-ordinators Beth Payne and Andy Jeffs from Milton Keynes No Limits Service, worked with their learners to put together a ‘Cake and Coffee’ morning. This summer they were aware that we were to have a new learner joining the service from Slated Row School,…

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