• MacIntyre No Limits: Tomm’s story

    18 January, 2017

    MacIntyre No Limits provides a bespoke educational package in partnership with local colleges and schools. The service works with young people and their families to deliver a tailored, inclusive and educational solution, enabling young people with learning disabilities to access the services they need. Tomm began his journey with MacIntyre No Limits in 2013 at…

  • Healthwatch Derbyshire Pilot Programme Launched

    10 January, 2017

    We are pleased to announce that we have teamed up with the health and social care patient watchdog, Healthwatch Derbyshire, to launch a pilot programme involving local people with learning disabilities taking part in unannounced visits to four specialist care homes that provide support for people with learning disabilities in Derbyshire. The pilot project will…

  • Join us at the MacIntyre Community Memory Cafes in 2017

    9 January, 2017

    The MacIntyre Community Memory Café is a fun, welcoming and relaxing environment for people to take part in social activities, make new friends and enjoy fantastic cake and cups of tea and coffee. The Café is open to everyone; people living with dementia, those caring for someone that is, friends, families, and those that are…

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  • Being Creative with Emotions

    16 January, 2017

    Hi! My name is Joanna and I have been teaching students at Wingrave school for over 6 years now. Drama was never my forte or area of study so you can imagine my anxiety when suddenly I had to teach the subject. Somehow I have overcome the fear and students and their needs became a…

  • New Beginnings

    9 January, 2017

    With less than three months with MacIntyre I’m still classed as one of the “newbees” but I was asked to write about some initial thoughts and early experiences, so here goes… Interestingly, to me almost every day feels like a “new beginning” – partly through the continuing learning process I go through by trying different…

  • January 2017

    2 January, 2017

    How do we mark the passing of another year? In my case this seems to involve muttering things like “Where has the year gone?” or “I can’t believe it is 2017 already”. I am reliably informed this has more to do with my age than time actually speeding up although I’m not totally convinced about…

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