• Marc’s trip to Gambia

    19 April, 2017

    Marc, who is supported at one of our services in Chester, took the trip of a lifetime in February to visit the Gunjur Project in Gambia, West Africa. Marc became involved with the Gunjur Project through his involvement with LIVE, a small charity in Chester. The Project ensures visitors and volunteers leave making a positive…

  • The Emotional Impact of Dementia on Everyone

    13 April, 2017

    The link between learning disability and dementia is becoming increasingly understood, with the topic of dementia in particular gaining mounting coverage in the media in recent months. However, these conversations are only throwing light onto an issue that clearly needs more attention in order for better care and support to be given to people with…

  • Updates on the Dementia Special Interest Group

    12 April, 2017

    We recently launched a revised version of our Corporate Strategy, in which we reinforce our commitment to developing and sharing sector-leading knowledge and skills in practice areas important to us. One of these areas is dementia. The Dementia Special Interest Group (DSIG) was set up a number of years ago as a way to respond…

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Great Interactions Blog

  • Chesterfield’s new journey

    17 April, 2017

    As most people know our block contract with Derbyshire came to an end after 10 years. The change to our contract affected everyone both staff and learners. Learners now have a direct payment and some people had a reduction of hours within the Lifelong learning hubs. After many consultations we were also in the position…

  • Embracing change

    10 April, 2017

    Laura moved to MacIntyre in the spring of 2016: a vibrant, social and active young lady who especially enjoys music, swimming and eating out. Swimming was a very much loved activity and still is. For years, Laura went every Tuesday, without fail. Laura came to expect it and it was important to her. We learnt…

  • Observing Great Interactions

    3 April, 2017

    One of the best parts of my job is getting out and about to different services and meeting the people we support and staff. I enjoying seeing the way staff support people and the Great Interactions that take place. I visited Brookes Road one day and the person being supported was getting agitated with the…

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