• MK Disability Awareness Day (MK DAD)

    24 June, 2016

    Inspirational talents are being showcased at MK Disability Awareness Day’s Picnic in the Park on Saturday July 16, a free event, from 2-6pm at Walnut Tree. MK DAD has its own anthem this year based on the theme ‘See Beyond Disability’ which has been specially written for the event by people with disabilities. British Paralympic…

  • Panini Cheapskates 2016 for MacIntyre and Cancer Research UK

    15 June, 2016

    For fans of Euro 2016, filling out a Panini sticker album won’t come cheap, but Sian Pratchett who works as an Occupational Therapist at the Endeavour Academy in Oxford and her husband Alex will save up to £400 by drawing their own quirky portraits – raising money for charity in the process. They hope to…

  • The launch of Learning Disability England

    14 June, 2016

    Learning Disability England (LDE) is a new organisation launching today, Tuesday 14 June 2016. It brings together three groups of people – people with learning disabilities; their families and friends; and the organisations and people who work with them. Speaking about the launch, MacIntyre’s Chief Executive, Sarah Burslem, said: “We are proud to be one…

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  • Ben’s Success Story

    27 June, 2016

    Matt’s input After taking over as Ben’s keyworker in September, Ben has made remarkable progress in the space of less than a year. Credit must be given to Vicky Paterson and all the staff who worked with Ben at different times prior to my takeover as Ben’s keyworker. Credit should also be given to Andy…

  • A Turnaround

    19 June, 2016

      I recently went into town at lunch time and bumped into one of the people we support. I had some jobs to do and we realised we were going the same way. I asked him if it was ok if I dropped something off at the Building Society and then we could walk together….

  • Sharing a moment

    9 June, 2016

    I support a lady on the dementia pathway called Paula. Paula enjoys making things and spending time with staff. As Paula progresses along the path we have noticed little changes in her. For example forgetting where the plates are kept, what day it is or when friends last visited. We concentrate on making the here…

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