What does a typical day look like for Juliet, as a Support Worker at MacIntyre?

“Over the past four weeks, I’ve worked with Tony to become more independent, supporting him to do tasks throughout the day to develop his skills. Tony can often feel anxious and it isn’t always his first instinct to do a task himself. I have helped him to boost his confidence and remind him he is capable, so he now likes to be more productive around the house.

Tony is very enthusiastic about playing music and his dream is to be a DJ at a fairground. Tony finds leaving his home tricky, but playing music gives him something to look forward to each day. He has a vast variety of CDs to choose from.”

What is your favourite part about your role so far?

"Tony and I have an amazing relationship and this in itself is rewarding. He has a silly sense of humour just like me and it's fantastic to know that I have played a part in making his day better."

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