Rory was working at a large retail store in Warrington, but when the COVID-19 pandemic peaked in March 2020 and stores began to close, he was devastated to learn he no longer had a job. Determined not to let this defeat him, during the lockdown Rory hopped on his bicycle and started 'Rory's Cycling Social Club' in collaboration with MacIntyre's Great Communities Project in Warrington.

Speaking about this period, Rory said:

"It started to open doors for me."

Using social distancing guidelines and safety procedures, Rory and Peter Connor, MacIntyre's Great Communities Project Manager in Warrington reached out to local people and formed a small group that began riding cycling routes in the area, together and at a distance.

The weekly cycling sessions became a lifeline for many people in the group during these difficult times; boosting morale, hope and motivation as each week passed.

The group even piqued the interest of a local gentleman called Tom, who at age 70 showed a keen interest in getting involved. Since then, the group and has formed strong friendships during what could have been an isolating time.

Speaking about Rory and the impact the group has had, Peter Connor said:

"Rory is the driving force behind the group. As a result, friendships are forming and developing."

Whilst the group are currently disbanded as a result of the second national COVID-19 lockdown and current restrictions, Rory hopes it won't be long before they can all get back on their bikes.