Gemma previously stayed with Gwen for only one night a week, so this was a big adjustment for them both.

Speaking about their time together, Gwen reflected:

"It's been fun and challenging. We've had to learn a lot about each other. Nothing stops Gemma. I've learned more from her than she could learn from me."

Having previously worked in a prison educating inmates, Gwen decided she wanted a change of career and looked to Shared Lives to continue making a difference.

Speaking about becoming a Shared Lives carer, Gwen added:

"I thought it might be something I would really enjoy."

Gemma, 23, is one of the three young that Gwen provides support for. Whilst Gemma has a number of health concerns, she hasn't let that stop her. A keen cook, Gemma is quite the whizz in the kitchen, loves to walk outside and is always up for a shopping trip.

"She loves to cook. We cook together more or less every day, which she is passionate about."

- Gwen tells us.

Gemma added:

"I love making pasta, pizza and sausage rolls."

When asked about what it is like being supported through Shared Lives, Gemma replied:

"I love it. It helped me with my mental state and my confidence in making choices. It has made me believe in myself."

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