Determined not to let this defeat him, during the first national lockdown Rory hopped on his bicycle and started 'Rory's Cycling Social Club' in collaboration with MacIntyre's Great Communities Project in Warrington.

Speaking about this period, Rory said:

"COVID-19 has been difficult. I wanted to make a good thing come out of a bad thing. I wanted to do something for my community, to have an adventure and help other people. If I can start and run a good social group, then you can too."

Using social distancing guidelines and safety procedures, Rory and Peter Connor, MacIntyre's Great Communities Project Manager in Warrington, reached out to local people and formed a small group that began riding cycling routes in the area at a safe distance.

The weekly cycling sessions became a lifeline for many people in the group during these difficult times; boosting morale, hope and motivation as each week passed.

During the lockdown period, Rory has kept cycling alone in line with current restrictions, but hopes the group can go out together again, once it is safe to do so.

How to start a social club: Rory's guide covers:

  • Me and my group
  • What I learned
  • My tips for other group leaders
  • Your plan for your social group
  • Me and my community
  • What will I need?
  • My plan

You can download the full booklet below.

How to start a social group - Rory's Toolkit

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