There have been some amazing examples of creativity led by the people we support and facilitated by our Shared Lives carers, including:

  • Ami and Hannah have been helping us all keep fit together twice a week supported by Tina and also volunteer for a food bank to pack food parcels for the local community.
  • Molly has been our Friday night DJ, supported by Allen and has also led a friendship group on zoom for people to connect.
  • Sam has shared new bakes – cheesecakes, brownies and bhajis that he has been trialling with Hayley’s encouragement and that we hope to be able to sample soon.
  • Kerry has been getting the garden looking nice with Pat’s support.
  • Karen has tried to making sure Tim feels empowered and in control despite having had to move house at the beginning of lockdown and make some decisions – still going out on his bike, connecting with people over zoom, joining in quizzes and bingo. 

All of us have learned new tech skills – we are helping each other sort out the sound, connect the camera and stay safe as we move online.

Carers think that relationships with the families of people we support have strengthened. It’s been about working together to make sure that people feel connected and not isolated but that are safe themselves and with their family. Some carers have had COVID 19 and have managed, even in the same household not to pass it onto the people they support.

Our hearts go out to our carers who have experienced loss of loved ones.

Shared Lives is about inclusion, compassion and mutuality. During lockdown, it’s also about recognising how tiring it can be emotionally, especially when you are living in the same household.

It is tiring to adapt to change, it is hard to comprehend what has happened and is happening and for some of us, even harder to start to think that we will need to change and adapt again as the lockdown starts to ease. But we are lucky and grateful to be facing it together.

When I think Shared Lives, I think of Robert and his Shared Lives carer Alison. I saw them through the window this week and asked them to describe in one word how they were feeling. They turned and looked at each other and said at the same time, “Happy”.

Kathryn Yates

MacIntyre Shared Lives Area Manager, Warrington

Lockdown Diaries

We hope that collecting lockdown stories will help people to deal with difficult emotions through sharing, and that in the future it will be an important document of how we dealt with the lockdown.

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