Supporting interests and gaining new skills: Tony’s story

6 April 2018

Ensuring the people we support are able to live a life that makes sense to them is central to the education, care and support that we provide at MacIntyre. We promote independence, the chance to build relationships and for the people we support to be a part of their local community.

Tony moved into his flat in Anvil Close in 2012 when the home he was living in was closed down. Anvil Close is a Registered Care service, providing care and support for up to 12 adults with learning disabilities. Moving to Anvil Close has had a positive impact on Tony’s life: he is more independent, is able to communicate clearly what he wants and doesn’t want and is supported to do the activities he enjoys every day.

Kim, Tony’s niece said:

“Anvil Close staff support Tony in a professional, caring and inclusive way to enable him to access local events and places of interest. Tony enjoys spending quality time with his family and we are actively involved in his home life at Anvil Close.”

Hannah, Head of Service at Anvil Close said:

“We have seen a positive influence on Tony since he moved into Anvil Close. He is such a sociable person and has had a great impact on some of his flatmates.”

Download Tony’s story to find out about Tony’s new skills and interests, his involvement in the local community and how he has developed new relationships.