"Nearing the end of March 2020 things changed, and they are still different now. At first, I missed my friends from No Limits and I wasn’t sure why things had to change, but now I get it...we all need to STAY SAFE.

There are a lot of changes, but I am taking it all in my stride. My behaviour is very calm and I am enjoying being at home.

I have worksheets to do to keep me busy and I have been spending time in the garden. I have made rainbows to hang outside my front door. Every week we clap, and I love that bit. I have clapped just with my hands, I have banged pan lids together, I even banged a saucepan with a spoon, but the pan was quite heavy.

Today when I got home from my walk I clapped for my parents because they do an amazing job too."

Not only has Jaydon continued his love of cooking during the lockdown, but Deborah and Liz have also supported Jaydon to take part in a 'treasure hunt' during his daily walk, looking for wildlife and everyday objects such as post boxes and cars.