Accident and Emergency Grab Sheet

The Accident and Emergency grab sheet has been developed to aid quick information handover in an emergency situation.

This is not designed for the individual but follows clinical need. Therefore, the care provider, keyworker, family member or other appropriate person will need to fill the information out and keep it updated.

Please ensure a copy is kept with the individual if they are attending day services or activities outside their home environment.

We would recommend that the ‘grab sheet’ is completed electronically as this would ensure that the document is kept current and duplicate copies can be printed when necessary.

Once in hospital the ‘grab sheet’ is likely to be stapled to the individuals’ notes and follow them throughout their journey. This means that there may be situation where they are not returned; however, the Learning Disability Liaison Nurses based in the hospital will be advocating that they are returned before discharge. Staff supporting the individual can also ask for the ‘grab sheet’ to be returned on discharge.

At any point you can indicate the page number were the relevant information is in the Passport, however if space allows please re-write the information from the Health Passport into the ‘grab sheet’, this will aid in quick information hand over.

The guidance document includes a Section by Section Guide to completing the ‘Grab sheet’ 

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