In collaboration with an army of incredible volunteers, the MacIntyre Great Communities team have transformed the car park into an inspiring space, full to the brim with potential... and they are just getting started.

For the volunteers, many of who are supported through MacIntyre Great Communities, the Eco Project has been a welcome distraction after a difficult year.

Not only is the project an opportunity for people, many of whom have learning disabilities and autism, to meet others in a safe outdoor environment, but thanks to the kindness and quick thinking of volunteers such as Dave and Matt, there has been plenty of opportunities to learn some new skills too.

Engineer Dave and got on board with the Eco Project and have been offering their knowledge and experience to many of the people supported by MacIntyre. 

The team have also had support from Emma, a local artist who is working with the team and volunteers to create a bespoke mural for the site. The project was also grateful to receive a number of donations, including 25 trees from the Woodland Trust. 

Speaking about the project in the beginning stages, Peter Connor, MacIntyre's Great Communities Manager in Warrington said:

"It's about bringing the community together. The goal is to create a space that the community can be proud of and can access. We're looking at things like growing fruit and veg, as well as herbs and flowers that the community can use."

Work on the first phase of the project will continue until March 2022, when planting will begin.

I absolutely love helping. I love helping people. I'm planning to have a barbecue. I want everyone to come just to enjoy it.

Person supported by MacIntyre

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