“It’s very exciting! Franklins Solicitors are great supporters of MacIntyre, they’re celebrating their 40th anniversary this year so they set up the Franklins 40 Mile Challenge which started on 1 February and finishes on 13 March. Basically, you choose to do 40 miles and you can decide how you want to do that, so you can swim, run, walk, ride a bike, it’s entirely up to you and I have actually decided to do it myself.”

In addition to the Franklins 40 Mile Challenge, fellow Community Connector Sarah Nicholson spoke about another upcoming event:

“I just want to mention a really exciting project that’s just getting off the ground and is being rolled out; it’s called the Dance Syndrome Project where people become level one dance leaders and are trained to run their own classes and these are people that draw on MacIntyre’s support. This project was founded by a young lady in Lancashire who has created a really innovative and empowering project, that gets people fit and into dancing. The MacIntyre Dance Syndrome classes will start in April for anyone from the local area.” 

Not only are there many ways to show your support and be involved in our fundraising activities, there are also many career opportunities available for those who would like to join MacIntyre:


“We’ve got quite varied roles at the moment. We’re looking for a Learning Disabilities Nurse as well as support workers; who will be having wonderful days out with the people we support.”

Have a listen to The MKFM Lunch Break podcast featuring Sarah and Pippa.

For more information about careers at MacIntyre check our Careers section.