The display, which can be found in Chesterfield, features a host of handwritten messages to friends and family members, capturing each person's thoughts and feelings during the most recent lockdown.

In March 2020, as a result of rising cases of COVID-19 and the introduction of the first national lockdown, our learning centres temporarily closed their doors. Many people we support began shielding in their homes and contact with loved ones was limited to phone calls or video calls.

Determined to ensure the people we support still felt part of a community, our team in Derbyshire began sending out creative activity packs for people to complete whilst isolating; full of engaging tasks mirroring the fun and thought-provoking exercises at the learning centre. 

In one of the activity packs, people were asked to write to a loved one they couldn't visit as a result of the restrictions, recording what they would say if they could see them in person.

When lockdown restrictions began to ease, many people we support started to return to the learning centre in Derbyshire and safely reunited with their friends. Collating the messages from the activity packs, the people we support and our team from Derbyshire decided to pull together a display showcasing the messages, using raised beds, colourful artwork and plants. This week David, Gail, Gary, Janet and Emma were on hand to deliver the final touches.

What began as an activity to help people to look to the future has since grown into a bright and colourful monument to celebrate getting through the challenges of the past year. Well done to everyone involved!

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