Paradigm filmmakers came up to spend the day with Andrew who we support and 2 of his support workers. Together they created the story, planned the scenes and acted!!! It was a full-on and demanding day of filming but both Andrew and Cath, the two lead actors seemed to really enjoy the challenge of it!

‘I really enjoyed making the film and doing the acting side of things, I had a really nice day.’

- Andrew

‘The basis of the right support is that the people we support choose where they live - meaning that their ‘house’ is their ‘home’ and not just staff place of work. (You work in my home, I don't live in your place of work).

At the filming I was a little anxious at first but my passion to support Andrew to do this overrode those fears.... it just felt like a few old friends getting together and having fun!’ 

- Cath

At MacIntyre, it is hugely important that the support we give people embraces their human rights and freedoms, so to be part of creating a new resource that will be used nationally, has been a great opportunity for us.

It gives us the chance to champion, celebrate and nurture the way that we work together as an organisation and be part of a project that is putting out a powerful message on the importance of human rights being the heartbeat of support given to people with learning disabilities across the country.

You can see our fantastic actors below and you can read The Reach Standards Practical Guide.

The REACH standards in Supported Living are designed to ensure everyone is supported to choose where they live, who they live with, how they live and who supports them.